The Spiritual School of W.E.S.H
The Spiritual School of W.E.S.H
Gwenda Smith

Welcome to The Spiritual School of W.E.S.H

Discover Your Soul's Wisdom, Enlightenment, and Self-Healing: Embrace Your Inner Gifts."

The Spiritual School of W.E.S.H. is a sanctuary For aligning with the Wisdom, and enlightened radiance of your soul and to learn the power you hold to self-heal.

The richness of the teachings and all that awaits you for    only $40 a month:
  • 24/7 access to all practices, tools and video library.
  • Healthy & Fit; Guidance and support
  • Soul Inspiration & Meditations
  • Library of video recording of all teachings
  • Special offers to attend workshops and retreats hosted by Gwenda
  • One-to-one personal mentoring with Gwenda **Conditions apply
  • Opportunity To become an Internationally registered teacher of the Spiritual School of W.E.S.H
  • Have the support of other like-minded souls
  • All of this is worth over $9,777 and you can get started today for only $40!

    Why you would find the Spiritual School of W.E.S.H a great sanctuary for your soul growth?

              Let's start with, you want to know more about why you are in this world.

  • You want peace, calm and clarity in your life.
  • You have a deep inner drive to know how to hear the guidance of your soul
  • You want to communicate with your soul guides
  • You would like to develop your intuition
  • You want to know how to tell the difference between your thoughts and the guidance of your intuition and higher self.
  • You would like to develop your ability to heal others
  • You want to know how to work with energy medicine
  • Learn how to master your emotions.
  • Discover the power of your Divine self.
  • Learn how to manifest the life you want to live.
  • Learn how to let go of the past and live a vibrant life of joy and harmony.
  • Embrace the art of non-attachment for peace of mind and heart.
  • Evolve your unique soul gifts and strengths.
  • Be confident being you.
  • Discover the wonders and magic of self-love and self-acceptance.
  • Learn how magic works.
  • Discover the art of good body works
  • Learn about your relationship with food and how it affects your life.
  • Learn how to heal through forgiveness and compassion.
  • Release of ancestral bonds.
  • Release and heal pain and challenges in your life.

Hi! I am Gwenda, your guide and mentor

  •       “I believe everyone deserves to live a glorious life”
  • Gwenda Smith a Spirit Medicine Woman.
  • Spiritual & Holistic Wellness Mentor, Educator
  • A leader in Holistic natural healing, complementary medicine, and self-healing.
  • A driven, dedicated Spiritual mentor, taking students on a pathway of ascension and transformation.
  • A dynamic, warm, inspiring, and powerful Internationally recognised speaker.
  • My vision is to show you the way to your inner greatness and innate wisdom so that you can be free to live every day knowing how to release, pain, illness, and disease. To live life, on your terms, the way your soul came to experience this world.
  •                           A glorious life!
  • Abilities Beyond the Teaching of the Systemised World- 35 years

    Natural born “Seer”; between the worlds, energy bodies of people, connect with those who have passed from this realm, a conduit of the Light of healing of The Almighty Divine, Messenger/Channel of the Archangels.

    Gwenda can “see’ disease and illness before it has manifested into the physical, the reason it is there and where it has come from.

    Past life soul fragmentation

    Deep healing channelled meditations

    The Spiritual School of W.E.S.H – An advanced school of Wisdom Enlightenment and Healing

    The Brand Pillars of H.E.A.L with Gwenda, School of W.E.S.H.

  • Strong relationships
  • Integrity & Compassion
  • Exceptional facilitation of the 8 platforms of Wellness – Unique to H.E.A.L with Gwenda
  • H.E.A.L Values:

  • Inspiring others from the heart
  • Leading with positive, powerful energy
  • Teaching with purpose  
  • Respect for cultures, circumstances, and disabilities
  • Consideration of privacy, full confidentiality
  • Deliver results of positive change
  • Gwenda is a member of:
  • IICT – Registered & Recognised training provider in Spiritual Mentorship
  •            Spiritualist Union International
  •          Associate member – Healers & Counsellors Australia


Be In Divine Union

The essence of divine union is to be our pure being, to feel the grace of God flowing through our bodies. We are all enlightened beings; that's what we are. It's only through the lived experience known as the "spiritual being having a human experience" that we become distracted and misaligned with our enlightened selves. Uniting with one's essence is a sensation that elevates all of the senses; the joy of the enlightened spirit is exhilarating, a natural high. There are no special tricks to being in divine union; there is only a willingness to be united and aligned once again with your soul. However, many people find it difficult to override the conditioning of the physical experience. At The Spiritual School of W.E.S.H. Sanctuary, we assist you in navigating that conditioning with ease and having fun along the way.